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simplifying, personalising and enhancing academic routines.

Combining new technology with Education standards

Creating accessible products for everyone, including features like:

Provide productive environments by developing AI that simplifies educational tasks. Impact: Students and educators can seamlessly interact with coherent, intuitive platforms, that eliminate the risks of analysis paralysis and reduces cognitive load which in turn makes learning more focused and efficient. This also ensures that they can invest more time and energy in tasks that matters most to them.

Craft immersive and gameified learning platforms that entices and stimulates every user.Impact: Users, find their journey within our platforms not only intellectually rewarding but also emotionally engaging. Through a blend of adaptive learning and gamification, users are consistently being motivated to explore and engage with educational content, enhancing retention and promoting enjoyment in learning.

Engineer adaptive UI/UX and educational tools to autonomously align with and augment each user’s distinct academic needs, routines, and curricula. Impact: Users can interact with platforms and tools that inherently understand and adapt to their individual academic needs and preferences. This ensures that technology is not just a generic supplement but an intuitive extension of their unique educational endeavors.

About Us

Ressaract was founded by a group of passionate learners with the aim of leveraging advancements in AI to develop tools that rectify the flaws we personally experienced in our educational journey.

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Hampus Hallkvist

Hampus Hallkvist


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Tom Boustedt


Didrik Munther

Didrik Munther


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